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Tuesday, September 27, 2005
On this day:

Importance of RC Book

I will tell you the importance of RC book in this post. On Saturday, i
was caught by the cops and they asked me for RC book. Since i dont
have anything, i was taken to police station and through some
influence i am back to home.

Though i escaped, one day for sure, i might get caught again. RC book
means Certificate of Registration for Vehicle. It is very important
for everyone who have got any type of Vehicle except Bicycle.

These are the following things which you might need! If u have Xerox
copy of all mentioned below, then that is ok.

1. RC book
2. Insurance
3. your Driving Licence
4. Some ID Card
5. Pollution control
6. Life Tax

so i suggest you to have all these before driving vehicle to any where.

Have a Nice Day.

Sunday, September 25, 2005
On this day:

job fair

some months back i heard job fair. i see lot of ads regarding this in the daily newspaper. i enquired the friends and came to know about it. it is like a normal fair where we need to go with the resume if we want to get a new job or move to a better organisation or for salary appraisal.

today and yesterday, job fair was conducted. many employees might shift between orgranisation which they might think that is better. one of my colleague also attended and got into a good company.

so enjoy going to job fair

sms fighting

one of my ex-colleague and me where having sms fight. i will explain what is sms fight

Game Name: sms fight
Game Players: 2 or more (u cannot play with single player)
how to Play:
If u have free sms enabled mobile service provider, then u can play this game. Player A should start sending sms to player B. B should get angry and send many messages to A. who ever becomes tired of sending the message wins the game.

enjoy playing the game.

lazy for bloggin

hey you there!

i feel like i am questioned myself when i think about blogging. i feel lazy to type with the key board what i have in my mind or what i want to share... hey guys can you tell me if u find any application that can automatically transmit data from my brain to my blog and also i need one management tool so that i can direct which posting should go live directly from my brain.

i think technology can do this but i am not sure when it is going to be invented....but one day i am sure it is going to be invented. machine can read from human brain and generate signals and which are then processed and converted to english language for publishing in this blog.

the above two paragraph might look that i am crazy...what to do..i want to blog. but i am lazy..he he he

so after a long time i am blogging. i do work on many research and development projects in my present company and looking for something special and unique which can make me think...some complex mission critical applications not a just web based applications which i am developing now at my org.

but i know with this 3 letter word, i can create wonders..and i am looking for that time... right now i am at my org. for the application support. everything goes in mind for blogging like i caught by the police for not having the records etc and i have to meet the SI today after having the records.

now a days i expericence lot of news things..even i bought a new computer monitor..which i like very much. now a days fun @ work decreases and tension increases and i cant stop thinking about anything... i wanna do business, create innovative things which will be usefull to the people. dont think like i am writing the positive aspects of mine. its just a thought which i have in mind. i do lot of mischieves like looking at a beautiful indian girls, enjoy watching them, and i never teased any one till now(kalaachathu kidayathi). but people will always say that i am teasing....

i feel like i am getting very low pay from my org. every org. thinks like if i am leaving, they have other people who can handle those work. i dont know why this happens. bull shitssssssssssss.

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