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Tuesday, August 09, 2005
On this day:

Lots of Work today

Today I am not going to office. you know why?? Its my Compensation Off today for the mobile bulk upload project. so i have done much of the work today.

Morning session
I went to college to get my T.C and also on the way i went to post office and got the Passport Application and then met saravanan to give the book i lended from his friends for RHCE. After coming back from the college, i had enough parotas and omlettes in the near by hotel and then went to RTO Office for taking LLR. But it too late since i was there at 12.30...and i gave 30 bucks for the doctor nearby for getting his attestation.

Afternoon Session
Then came home and took rest and at around 3 pm i started to nokia service centre in mount road for replacing the head set. but the authorised person said it will take around 1 month for replacement. after giving that, i went to meet bala's friend and then came home and working on a small mobile project.

Evening session
Mobile project is what i dont know. so i am researching some thing related to mobile and was happy about the technology i know about that.. So much tired today because of lots of field work i did..

so i am going to sleep...bye

Last day of the project... & my sunday spencers..

Last day of the project.
Yahoooooooooooooooooo.! I and with my team in our company completed most of the project and everything gone to staging server. i am very much happy about this. we fixed lot of small bugs, logical bugs etc.. one of my colleague from my team has been push on to other project.

my sunday Spencers..
on sunday i went to spencer and i see people rush like the one in Ranganathan streets in T.nagar. and now a days we can get cheaper goods in Spencer if we search for a product there. I also hope that products are also good. instead of buying branded shirts, wears like that we can go for spencer and search for small good quality cheap cloths and we can buy that.

you can also have a great sight at the modern girls roaming here and there with cell phones and sleveless dress..gorgeous, glamourous..etc. i roamed around music world, some rajasthan shops to buy some jewels like thing but did not get it. but enjoyed visiting there.

I hope you guys also enjoy freaking out in spencers on weekends...

Sunday, August 07, 2005
On this day:

Bad + Good News

Bad News
I was on the way to my office and i suddenly got a call from Rafi saying some bad news. you know what happened....i was caught by the traffic police man for speaking over cell phone while riding the bike. I was shocked for this...and i request the cop to give my bike key which he took when i stopped the bike near to him.

After that i was asked to pay Rs.100 as a corruption cost. i dont have money with me. so i called my colleague tamilarasan and he helped me. then i went to office. rafi again called me and said that Karthik80 who was working with us met with an accident when he was trying to swim in the swimming pool of water upto leve 4 feet before that he had some liquor.

He was affected by that and now he would not able to move his body any more..all his sense works upto the neck...its so sad for a kind person which happens like this...thats why i hate god whom i now a days called them as dog...but even dog will be thank ful but god did not.....

Good News
Our Project was almost completed today and we fixed some bugs sent by our testing team and we enjoyed today having good food from hot chips --meals, juices, vadai... and enjoyed and came back home and speaking with kamini,,my new friend ..

21% of time on Google and 2% of time on Yahoo! was spent on search in June 2005

21% of time on Google and 2% of time on Yahoo! was spent on search in June 2005 by ZDNet's ZDNet Research -- Google search accounted for 21% of the time that US visitors spent on in June 2005, said Majestic Research. 45% of the time was spent on Gmail. On Yahoo! 2% of the user time was spent on search. 42% of time spent on Yahoo was devoted to Yahoo Mail, and 22% to Yahoo Messenger.

Saturday, August 06, 2005
On this day:

Mozilla Deer Park ...Firefox next generation browser

Mozilla has released a alpha verion 2 of the next generation browser,
a successor of firefox named Deer Park.
check out the link for more information

Everything might get over...

Hi all,, Today is the last day for the project which is assigned to me. i hope everything works fine as per the requirements. lots of issues has been raised for one of my colleague and after that it solved. yesterday. some times we get confused of what we do due to over load of the work or for not having the clear input.

may from monday or today i might go to office in time and leave office in time due to the practise for the RHCE Exam. to tell about RHCE which abbreviates for Red Hat Certified Engineer is a certification exam conducted by red hat Inc all over the world to certify linux professionals.

I hope this chirstmas eve, i might be doing the exam. this exam is fully practical for 5 1/2 hours. troubleshooting, servers configuration etc in RHEL 4 OS.

Also i am looking for ringtones kind of concepts so that i can distribute the ringtones for free to all those subscribers. that why. lets see whether my concepts reaches millions of people...

Wednesday, August 03, 2005
On this day:

Tech bytes

Lot of things have come up... because Yahoo! is launching APIs for the shopping services, Google maps for moon, earth, google earth software which helps to view your place in earth, ms unveiling the new version of windows Microsoft Vista...

its difficult for me to learn everything though i tried to gather some pinch of info and stack it in my brain and pop it when ever needed. for a growing developer i can say to them like "they need not have in depth knowledge about the language or platform they are working.. they must gather the domain knowlege. something like that..."

Its a Bad day for me

Its definitely a Bad day for me...What can i do for that... i learnt a lesson i.e how to behave to people at workplace... Something like that i should not be much close, everything official like that.
so why did i took decisions like the one is basically because of one person who taught me a good lesson and i am sure of getting passed in it. that much deeply i have learnt that lesson.

I am going to finish my project within this week. not sure how much bug it a days i dont like to work in the present company where nobody is perfect and i am nobody. Nothing really performance based. no appraisal. nothing much.... may be i can have my present company as a start up company...but i must go to the company which really needs my brain, talent etc.

most of the higher official are looking for their life only. to simply say about it ... everything politics and everywhere politics.. politics sucks.....
I dont know why these people do politics at workplace and gonna to achieve.

I dont like to work.....everything boring.. nothing is interesting like before... everybody from every part of my life is filled with problems.. i have decided to ask the problems to come to me so that i can face it... lets see how things are going...

Tuesday, August 02, 2005
On this day:

Great Day for me....

Wow ! this day is great day for me. i have finished one small project which is a customization one. and also some more changes has to be done.

fight with printer

i was fighing with the printer at home to take the print out of the various pictures. but only one got printed out. damn it. it wasted my time and money for the printer ink.

too Slow like a snail...
my computer become too slow like a snail in processing the data like images, files, etc i may start to hate my computer unless i upgrade my RAM.

Father's torture...
my father was torturing me to help him out in his office work. when i was in college, i used to help him. but as of now i hate doing those kind of works. its like using word, excel.

...Confusing myself
lots of confusion going around in mind about my career.. let me wait and decide which one is right for me either system admin or programmer..

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