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Saturday, April 30, 2005
On this day:

Firefox 50

Firefox Reached 50 Million downloads. Greated Achievements by the mozilla team and also in the open soure world.
What is Firefox?
Firefox is the fast new web browser that's winning praise from users and the media for making the web fun and easy again. For more information, and to download Firefox, visit the Mozilla Foundation.

Firefox Features
  • Popup Blocking
  • Tabbed Browsing
  • Privacy and Security
  • Smarter Search
  • Live Bookmarks
  • Hassle-Free Downloading
  • Fits Like a Glove
  • S, M, L or XL—It's Your Choice
  • Setup's a Snap
  • A Developer's Best Friend
  • Read Mail—Not Spam

Friday, April 29, 2005
On this day:

Salary, Project coding, New Project, unhappy

The happiest thing happened today is that i got this month salary. so gave around 7k to my parents and rest is with me. not to mention the salary package here. In my company, i start working on coding part after successfully completing the CMMI Documents Enjoyed the coding part and it made me to think. if i completed this project, then this would be my first project i have done following the CMMI Process.

New Project is on the way for my team my PL said today. Today one of my colleagues' last dayin sify. she is joining infosys. Since i joined my working company, many of the good programmers(Upto my knowledge) are leaving the company. It is a natural habit for everyone to think to move to best company than the better company for their individual growth.I am not blamming my company. infact i can say, i have much knowledge because of the company i am working now. but the company were not capable of keeping the talented person.

Turning around google, as i said, they disabled my account. i feel unhappy about the happening.
i dont find any other ways to promote my shopping website other than google. may be i shall try some other thing to promote my website.

Thursday, April 28, 2005
On this day:

Leanring CVS ....

This is a technical post regarding concurrent versioning system.
CVS is the repository where i maintain my development files in versions. so that i might retrieve the version that worked better.

CVS is a version control system, and important component of Source Configuration Management (SCM). Using it, you can record the history of sources files, and documents.
Below is the Short How-To for using CVS

General Commands need to be executed only once
export CVSROOT=:pserver:[your username here]@[cvs host]: [repository Path]
cvs login

Importing a New Project
mkdir [your project directory with module name]
cd [your project directory with module name]
cvs -d respository path import [module name] [vendor tag] [release tag]

Checking out a Project Before modifying the Code
cvs co [module name]
Note: you'll be downloading the entire project files in to folder named after the module name

Checking in the modified files
cvs commit (Assuming you are in your project directory )

Adding a single File
cvs add [File Name]

updating the Project File from the CVS Server
cvs update (Assuming you are in your project directory )

The above mentioned commands are for basic Use. For knowing more about CVS check out CVS - GNU Project

Reason for happiness.....

HeY I have installed debian yesterday night with the minimum netinst iso which i downloaded previous day using the BSNL broadband connection (30KBps download rate). i was trying from day before yesterday installing it. i succeeded only yesterday and tried to configure the internet. but it didnt work!

Today morning i think it's a good morning for me. i am able to configure my debian to use with internet and downloaded gcc, xfce(in progress) etc. I am happy about the progress at my home.

Moreover i was happy that i went to bhuvana's house and raji's house and spent some time with their parents and came home at around 10-11pm. Had good chat with raji's parents...

Wednesday, April 27, 2005
On this day:

Too Much Greedy I am.....

Hey! Recently i have been working hardly on how to make money online. So i browsed the web and found out certain things. one is Google Adsense, other is referral programs like in, and other websites. i signed up almost most of the affiliates program to promote my website but nothing happened. i think all are not good!!!

so i started using the Google Adsense in my blog, my websites, etc. when ever i do searching in my own site, if i found a link use ful i was forced to click it. but happened to be the last click for my adsense program. they have disabled my account telling me that i have made some invalid clicks through some robots or programs.!!! But I didn't. I think i am Greedy....thats why i clicked on the ads link which became the last click....Oops.!!!

anyway google is doing good job in that protecting the people and also giving the people what they want.... Dont think that i am publish more post regarding google. I like their innovations, creativity... thats why i am posting. i never missed hitting the google before starting my work...

Proverb: The poor lack much, but the greedy more.

Tuesday, April 26, 2005
On this day:

Take Care of your Health

Hey!!! If you are guy working for hours.....????

Then Stop working now!. I am like you working crazy by sitting before the computer and now i am with problems like neck pain, back pain, eye burning etc Everyone told me not to work like that when all my interest was towards the computer system. I dont Know why i am working like this...may be to achieve something in life...Yeah! for that only.

But you should be taking care of your health. i am suffering now with the infections i mentioned in the above para. do some exercise, yoga, meditation so that you can keep your self fit and good living in the future. Have some energy Drinks if u feel tired. Sleep well which is very very important for our life. i will not sleep more than 5 hours. but u must sleep around 8 hours. even i am trying to do that so that u might get tensed while working.

Take a break every hour and walk some distance while in job. Sleep in the flat surfaces and take bath in normal water so that u r body pain will get reduced otherwise it will persist. Its better to take bath two times a day as it is Hygienic and also good to health!!!

Good friends are good for your health. Make friends......

Document Preparation

For every software developer, they know to prepare a document. It can be either SRS which abbreviates System Requirement Specification that contains information about the how a system should be after it has developed or DD - Design document that contains the technical information about the system and database design document. I am been preparing this and learnt something how to prepare it and why it is needed for the software project.

you have done a project with no documentation and left the company. when other developer who is doing maintainence will not be able to reverse engineer it, unless he/she is a expert in doing that. I have experienced this when i did a project with huge source code Files!!!

From then i have been coding the files with inline comments, following coding guidelines etc so that the other developer who will be taking up the maintainence of the project which i worked, will feel comforatable.

For clarity about the project i even created a demo using the Macromedia Captivate. Use some good icons to represent entities so that the developer will be able to understand it clearly than from the textual explanation.

So, if u r a software developer, and thinks like me , go ahead and follow the SDLC - software development Life cycle and do documents before start coding the project......! :)

Making money

I used to think about how to make money in huge amount. but end up with craz ideas which involves huge investments. making money is not as easy as on the internet. but u have some ways which are using Google AdSense Search, Amazon Associate Programs and other Affiliates Programs available on the internet. Not all going to benefit us. only some will do.

I sometimes think that why not i start a business and make huge money. but when i involved in it, i realized it is not as easy as programming or any other work we do. It involves dedications, trust, and more over self confidence so that we shall not let our heart discourage it.

so, now i am working for a company where i learned lot of things about managing the business and still learning and experiencing. but one day i shall implement my ideas which are sleeping in my deep heart. waiting for the days to come.......

Monday, April 25, 2005
On this day:

New Look and New Add ONs for My Blog

I've been thinking today how my blog should look?? I came home from the office, then connecting to internet with my new BSNL broadband connection (Speed is Good) start editing this blog to look better, be informative to the readers etc. and more....

I have some more ideas to come and will share in this blog from today with a daily post of atleast 1 or 2 which might be a technology related or life related that comes to my mind. most people blog their views which they might not able to express to others. even i also follow that.

I do not have in-person good communication skills. So i thought blog is the right way to express my views, ideas to this world. i have added On this day part which is use ful to see the historical events on this day that happened. even i added some google advertisements which might give me some revenue. I have added much of my personal Details but not included the photo for privacy issues.

I am crazy About Google Day by Day

I am Crazy about google's innovation day by day!!!

they are very good in search technologies. they create lot of good innovative things with that search technology. I used to go to their blog site right from the first day they created the blog. Read all those articles. Even i've been thinking about getting into Google Company!!!!

It Seems like they create Wonders!. Their services like Maps, recent Search history, Image search, Ride finder, Gmail attracts me a lot. In my View Google want to the web to be the Peoples one and not the providers one. they created vast changes in Advertisements by using simple Text Ads according to user search keywords. No PopUps. No Image flashy Banners!!!! Thanks to google.

May be they might turn the entire web to their path in the mere future. I am sure i will be working in google once in my life time or i shall try for it......

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